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Elizabeth Gaskell’s Birthday Talk: Elizabeth Gaskell and Gossip

Now to gossip, which of course is a woman’s pleasure

Extract: letter from Elizabeth Gaskell to George Smith

We’re celebrating Elizabeth Gaskell’s birthday with a glass of wine and a good gossip!

The Gaskell Society’s Elizabeth Williams will discuss Elizabeth Gaskell’s sharp eye and sharper tongue in this fascinating talk on Gaskell and gossip. Is gossip just malicious tittle-tattle, or could it be a compelling kind of story-telling? Find out more, as we delve into Elizabeth Gaskell’s writings to decide just what her gossip entails!

Please join us for a complimentary glass of wine prior to the talk as we raise a birthday toast to Elizabeth Gaskell, the original gossip girl and Victorian queen of banter!


Sun 29th Sep 1pm - 1.45pm


Mr Thornton is coming to tea

North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell