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The Home Life of Elizabeth Gaskell

Join us for all or one of four sessions that explores the home life of Elizabeth Gaskell, covering her house, her beloved garden, the Gaskell Family and the servants who kept the house running.

Tickets £8 and each session will run from 1-3pm on Thursdays (28 Sept – 19 Oct) and includes entrance to the house and tea room.

3. The Gaskell Family (12/10/2017)

Consider the roles of Elizabeth and William as wife and husband, mother and father.  Find out how the four daughters were educated.  Enjoy a dramatic presentation of the dynamics of family life among the Gaskells.

4. The Servants (19/10/2017)

Discover the daily routines of Victorian servants, and find out who the Gaskells’ servants were.  Focus on Will Preston and his family: a letter to him was recently discovered in the old stable block.  Smile at some jokes about the Victorian ‘servant problem’.

The cost per session is £8 or £30 for all four.

Thu 12th Oct 1pm - 3pm

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Plans are like a card-house-if one gives way, all the others come rattling about your head

Elizabeth Gaskell, 1864