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Have you heard about the time Charlotte Brontë hid behind the curtain?

This wonderful Charlotte Brontë doll has been knitted by Gillian, a very talented lady from Crochet, Chat, Coffee, Cake.. with extra Knit and Natter.  She didn’t have a pattern and just knitted the doll from a Google image of Charlotte Brontë. We believe it took her about 3 weeks to make.

Crochet, Chat, Coffee, Cake … with extra Knit and Natter was founded in February 2015 and you can find out more at

They are the official Manchester branch of the Knitting and Crochet Guild, a UK charity that was established in 1978 to preserve the art of crochet and knitting and to encourage education and innovation.  With this in mind, they try to host ‘learn to …’ workshops alongside teaching more advanced stitches.

The group has over 350 members and we meet twice a month for a knit and natter session, a Thursday evening and a Saturday morning.

They are a very active group with 30+ members regularly attending the Saturday sessions. The group is for all ages and abilities and it’s a great way to meet new people and learn new skills.


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