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Sunshine in the garden

The roses on the pergola are about to flower but a lot of time was needed this week to tie them into the wires. The lawn has responded to the nurturing it has received and is a very healthy green and now risk of frost has passed, the pelargoniums have been planted in the pots at the back of the house.


Top row: Scilla peruviana. Scotch burnet rose. Scilla and hosta.

Bottom row: Geranium. Double paeony. Double scotch burnet rose.


The rose Cramoisi Supérieur has started to flower in the front bed. It was chosen as a reference to the scene in North and South when Mr Lennox picks roses for Margaret Hale-though our rose is a much shorter variety than the taller rose in the novel which was growing too high for Margaret.

…and he gathered for her some velvety cramoisy roses that were above her reach.

North and South. Chapter 3

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We've got a certainly is a beauty...I must try and make the house give as much pleasure to others as I can.’

Elizabeth Gaskell, in a letter to her friend Eliza Fox in 1850.