Victorians liked to create shaded walkways called pergolas to screen off the view and give gardens a natural, countryside look.

The word ‘pergola’ is Italian. We know that Italy was one of Elizabeth’s favourite places to visit and she may have seen one during her travels.

#jokebreak – What did the bee say to the flower? Hello honey.

What does the Clematis flower mean?


Growing on the pergola is some clematis. This flower symbolises mental prowess, beauty and a spiritual state of harmony. In Europe and Japan, clematis is a symbol of travel and is used to wish people well on their journeys.

#Game Can you frog or star jump from one end of the pergola to the other? How many jumps does it take?

Try this at home

By choosing to walk or cycle rather than using a car you are helping to reduce global warming. Walking and cycling create less noise, less air pollution and fewer emissions to warm the planet.

Can you think of any journeys that you could walk or cycle instead of taking the car? Why not set yourself a challenge to see how many steps or miles you can walk or cycle in a week?

Read more on the Sustans website about how to make your trips environmentally friendly.

a whispering of leaves and perfume of flowers always pervaded the rooms

Charlotte Brontë, on visiting 84 Plymouth Grove