2. The Life of Charlotte Brontë – Collecting Resources

Once the commission to write the biography of Charlotte Brontë had been accepted, Elizabeth needed to collect information from as many sources as she could. Her first two points of contact were Ellen Nussey, Charlotte’s friend, and George Smith her publisher. George

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1. The Life of Charlotte Brontë – An Invitation to Write

Two months after the death of her friend, Charlotte Brontë, Elizabeth Gaskell wrote to George Smith (their publisher) asking for a copy of an engraving of daguerreotype, of the 1850 Richmond portrait of Charlotte; the one we have hanging in the drawing

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Elizabeth Gaskell’s Continental Travels, Part 3 Italy

Romantic Rome, 1857 'I am passing a very delightful morning with you in Rome' In Part 1 of Elizabeth Gaskell's Continental Travels we visited Heidelberg, Brussels and Switzerland and in Part 2 we explored France. Elizabeth’s letters between December 1856 and January

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View of the house surrounded by greenery

August is the Sunday of Summer

Autumn Events from Elizabeth Gaskell's House We’re enjoying the last of the summer with days out and the odd bit of sunshine, but you don’t need to look too closely to spot the signs that autumn is on its way. The blackberries

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Elizabeth Gaskell’s Continental Travels, Part 2 France

Paris 1853 After Elizabeth’s first Continental trip to Heidelberg in 1841, she didn’t travel abroad again until 1853, when she visited Paris with William and their eldest daughter, Marianne. They stayed with their Manchester friends the Schwabes, who had a house in

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