Tea at Cranford-Part 3

Tea in Bright Green Canisters, and Comfits in Tumblers. Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe: Purveyor of the Finest Confectionery, is a rapidly growing ‘family of shops’ selling old fashioned humbugs, lollipops and other traditional sweets in large screw topped bottles. Their popularity...

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Charlotte Brontë and Elizabeth Gaskell

New partnership events We’re delighted to announce a series of online events exploring Elizabeth Gaskell’s ground-breaking and controversial biography of her friend and fellow novelist, The Life of Charlotte Brontë. The first event will be an author talk with Finola Austin about...

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Save The Honresfeld Library

The news is exciting that the fabled Honresfeld Library has emerged from myth and obscurity to reveal its extraordinary treasures.  But without immediate government intervention in the public interest a national collection hidden for 100 years will soon be scattered piecemeal across the...

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Our Daily Bread: tea – time at Cranford part 2

Following on from my last blog ‘Tea at Cranford’, I will now consider the dangers which may have been lurking in those dainty sandwiches, ‘cut to the imaginary pattern of excellence that existed in Miss Matty’s mind, as being the way which...

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Hugh thomson illustration of ladies drinking tea

Tea at Cranford: Charlotte Bronte and the Great Victorian Tea Fraud

Tea plays an integral role in Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel Cranford. Grown in India, a British colony, and imported by the East India Company, tea became a national beverage which could be found in practically every household. But tea was more than just...

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