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Dressing the Victorian Lady – Outerwear and Accessories

Join us for an informative and entertaining talk from Margo Singer and Polly MacLeod on Dressing the Victorian Lady, focusing on Nineteenth-Century outerwear.

In this session, Margo and Polly will talk through and show examples of fashionable outerwear, looking at how it was constructed and decorated. The discussion will include shawls, and the different types worn by different classes. You’ll have the opportunity to see how a Victorian lady would wear her shawl and learn how to identify a Paisley shawl. You’ll learn about accessories worn and used by a Victorian lady, including bonnets, caps, bags, purses and parasols. Ticket price includes tea/coffee and cake.

Other talks in this series include:  Dressing the Victorian Lady – keeping warm in bed

Tickets £8 or £12 with house entry valid for 12 months.

18th Oct 2018

1.30pm - 3pm


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