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FREE TALK: The Travels of Cranford

A signed copy of Cranford, once gifted by Elizabeth Gaskell to a friend, has been returned to her Manchester home after over 110 years. Purchased by the Gaskell Society, this signed first edition, is now on display in the author’s House, alongside the fascinating story of the book’s four owners.

The book’s two bookplates and inscriptions, including a short note from Elizabeth’s daughter Meta in 1908, shows the book’s journey. From Eliza Shuttleworth, whose husband was one of the founders of the Manchester Guardian and a witness at Peterloo, through to the diplomat Sir Ernest John Ward Barnes, after whose death the book was sold via a bookseller in Brighton.

There will be a short talk ‘The Travels of Cranford’ on Sunday 17 March at 1.30pm by Janet Allen. Included in admission.

The book is on permanent on display at the House. Available to see on any Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday 11am-4.30pm.

17th Mar 2019

1.30pm - 2pm


We've got a house...it certainly is a beauty...I must try and make the house give as much pleasure to others as I can.’

Elizabeth Gaskell, in a letter to her friend Eliza Fox in 1850.