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blog : National Gardening Week

The weather clearly disagreed with the idea of a National Gardening Week. On Wednesday, when the garden volunteers regularly work in the garden, the day opened in pouring rain. But, nevertheless, beds were weeded and stray crisp packets picked up from around the garden. Let's hope the forecast for warm, dry weather next week is correct.

blog : A Typical April Day in the Garden

While we worked in the garden on Wednesday we had showers and we had bright sunshine.  A typical April day, so the tea break was taken indoors rather than sitting in the sun. Nevetheless the persistent gardeners raked moss out of the lawn, reduced rampant japanese anaenomes, weeded and set up tripods for the planting of sweet-peas. The less hardy gardener (me!) planted a hosta in a pot and made the tea! However, there was still colour to