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blog : Butts, Leaves and a Shed

It's a quiet time at the moment for flowers in the garden as it recovers from the drought. But the signs are promising; shrubs I thought were dying have produced new leaves and dahlias are showing the beginnings of very delayed flower buds. There are also little delights such as the morning glory and geranium wallichianum. Human activity has not stopped, however; the volunteer gardeners not only weed, prune and plant out for later displays but have also rearranged

blog : We have a new vegetable bed

On Tuesday 17 July the mechanical digger arrived in the garden. Along with it came two very active human labourers and all the volunteer gardeners. The mechanical digger removed the debris and rubble from successive builders, revealing the clay and the oxygen-starved soil beneath. One lorry removed the nasty stuff and a second one brought in good-looking fertile soil. The volunteer gardeners broke up the compacted soil and then the 8 bags of new soil were dropped into