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blog : Miss Coutts is very, very kind

We have a new shed! It sits very neatly in the corner of the yard and will greatly ease the cramped storage for pots, compost and tools we have had up to now. Also making its appearance, and later than we would normally expect, is the dahlia York and Lancaster in the bed to the left of the front door. There are also two gaudy plants flaunting their colours among the pots at the back of the house

blog : What a difference a week makes!

" was a very still, quiet day, I remember, overhead; and the lilacs were all in flower, so I suppose it was spring." Cranford. Chapter 6. It was a busy day for the gardeners. The good weather has brought everything on; the dahlias are starting to push their shoots above the soil, the shrubs are in bloom or about to start and the granny's bonnets are just about to flower. The lawn was scarified, cut and fed, seedlings