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17th July 2019
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From the week beginning on 11/07/19 and ending on 17/07/19 I had done work experience at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House. I had been doing multiple jobs to help out throughout the week; these included working in the tea room during the open days, helping out on the front desk and also helping out with setting up the new exhibitions. I especially enjoyed working in the tea rooms when a large tour came in and booked to have tea and cake. I was able to set up the tables and then later serve. I enjoy talking to people and hopefully making their day that little bit better, so working in the tea room was probably the best job I had done.

Elizabeth Gaskell’s House was a very good place to do work experience as all the staff and all the volunteers were incredibly welcoming and if I needed any help, everyone was willing to explain how things were done. I have learnt many new skills that I have learnt that would be useful for the future, this includes learning how to format booklets, and also how to work in a tertiary environment.

I am in year 10 and I believe that high school students and sixth form students should come here for work experience as it gives you a good idea on what happens during open hours but also what happens when the museum isn’t open and all the work that goes into the exhibitions and the setup of all the historic rooms.

In addition, if you come to do work experience or even just volunteer here, I believe that it is one of the friendliest working environments there is in Greater Manchester and I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Eleanor Jones

St James Catholic High School

The guides brought the home alive. It was inspiring to hear about this woman and extraordinary family

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