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Elizabeth Gaskell’s Birthday Talk: Elizabeth Gaskell and Gossip

Now to gossip, which of course is a woman’s pleasure

Extract: letter from Elizabeth Gaskell to George Smith

We’re celebrating Elizabeth Gaskell’s birthday with a glass of wine and a good gossip!

The Gaskell Society’s Elizabeth Williams will discuss Elizabeth Gaskell’s sharp eye and sharper tongue in this fascinating talk on Gaskell and gossip. Is gossip just malicious tittle-tattle, or could it be a compelling kind of story-telling? Find out more, as we delve into Elizabeth Gaskell’s writings to decide just what her gossip entails!

Please join us for a complimentary glass of wine* prior to the talk as we raise a birthday toast to Elizabeth Gaskell, the original gossip girl and Victorian queen of banter!



*Please note: we have an audience capacity of 35 for our talks. One complimentary glass of wine will be limited to the first 35 visitors who sign up for the talk on the day, and will be available immediately prior to the talk, which starts at 1pm.


29th Sep 2019

1pm - 1.45pm


Mr Thornton is coming to tea

North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell