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Tales of Mystery & the Macabre social media read along

Emboldened by the enthusiasm of our followers and supporters we are now moving on to something a little different from Elizabeth Gaskell’s back catalogue, Tales of Mystery & the Macabre.

This is a collection of short stories and we plan to discuss three stories specifically and then have a general discussion about the others in the final week. We hope that those who asked for Wives and Daughters or Cranford won’t be too disappointed – their time will come!

We will also be moving the discussion to the evening – sorry if this excludes anyone. (Blame home schooling!)

Plan of action for the Read along of Tales of Mystery and the Macabre

Lois the Witch – Wednesday 6 May – From 6pm

The Grey Woman – Wednesday 13 May from 6pm

The Old Nurse’s Story – Wednesday 20 May from 6pm ( we also hope to have a surprise for this week as well)

General discussion of the rest including The Poor Clare and The Doom of the Griffiths – Wednesday 27 May from 6pm

Some of these stories can be downloaded free, or at a small cost, on the Kindle and there are new and second-hand copies available online. Ideally we suggest contacting your local independent bookseller to see if they are doing deliveries. However you get a copy please do!

As before we are asking for a small donation of £3 from those taking part, we raised £250 from the North and South read along towards our bedroom restoration project, and every penny counts.

Readers in the UK, or with UK cards, can donate via this link https://www.givey.com/manchesterhistoricbuildingstrust

6pm - 9pm

And we've got a house. Yes! we really have

Elizabeth Gaskell, 1850