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Lecture: The comforts of home. Domestic well-being in Georgian England

How did Georgian householders think about comfort and what made their houses into homes? In this talk, Jon Stobart will explore the increasing physical comfort of the Georgian house in terms of new technologies and shifting priorities – from fires and lamps to easy chairs and carpets – but also the ways in which the house/home was a place of emotional well-being, which involved both sociability and seclusion.

Jon Stobart is Professor of History at Manchester Metropolitan University. His research centres on retailing, consumption and the materialistic side of domestic life in Georgian England. His recent work has focused on the country house and he is currently working on a project exploring comfort in the English and Swedish country house.

Tickets £8

15th Nov 2017

6.30pm - 8pm


a whispering of leaves and perfume of flowers always pervaded the rooms

Charlotte Brontë, on visiting 84 Plymouth Grove