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Modern Calligraphy Workshop

I only wish I could mend pens, and then you should see how beautifully I could write.

Elizabeth Gaskell, from a letter to an unknown correspondent


Modern Calligraphy Workshop

Join us for a very special bespoke workshop on modern calligraphy, by professional pen artists Love Calligraphy.

Inspired by the handwritten letters of Elizabeth Gaskell, you will learn the beautiful art of writing with ink and dip pen, and will have the chance to pen a gorgeous handwritten letter yourself. You’ll take inspiration from the letters of Elizabeth Gaskell here in the House, and enjoy a wonderful afternoon learning this elegant and contemplative art.

During the workshop, you’ll use a special calligraphy kit, which will be yours to keep, including pointed nib, pen-holder, calligraphy ink and instructional handouts. Freshly-brewed coffee/tea and delicious cake are also included.

On the course, specially-tailored to Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, you will learn:

  • A short intro to traditional calligraphy
  • Correct use of a dip pen
  • Formation of upper and lower case letters
  • Modern formation of numerals
  • Introduction to the art and importance of letter-writing in Elizabeth Gaskell’s time
  • How to write and fold letters in a traditional way (18th Century)

Paper and envelopes will be provided in the workshop.

The four-hour workshop is suitable for beginners and improvers in this beautiful art.

£65, including fresh coffee/tea and scrumptious cake


30th Jun 2019

12 noon - 4pm


Mr Thornton is coming to tea

North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell