Why should I volunteer?

As a small museum, we can give a more personal volunteering experience.

Our friendly team of volunteers makes us perfect for making new friends, and you can learn new things in a calm and informal space.

You can also volunteer knowing you’re playing an important role in keeping the House open to the public and passing on Elizabeth’s story to more and more people.

What our volunteers think

I started volunteering at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House during the final year of my English degree, and it was such a lovely way to fill my weekends and do something in the community. Even though I didn’t know much about Elizabeth and her novels, I quickly learned from other volunteers, who are all so welcoming and lovely, and in the end it felt like family. I met so many interesting visitors and learnt so much about the house, and I’d really recommend it! By Bethany, former volunteer

“A large cheerful, airy house, quite out of Manchester smoke…a whispering of leaves and flowers always pervades the house.” Like Charlotte Bronte I was immediately charmed by Elizabeth Gaskell’s House. On retiring it was the first place I considered volunteering as it combines my interests in history and literature. The staff and volunteers are a welcoming and supportive team and there are plenty of opportunities to learn and discover something new. I love engaging with visitors and share their delight in exploring Elizabeth and William’s family home. Elizabeth Gaskell’s House deservedly inspires a great sense of loyalty. By Karen, current volunteer

In Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, every volunteer was kind and every object was full of stories. The stories told by volunteers brought celebrities who were once in textbooks to life. For me, the process of volunteering was also a learning experience, and the inclusive environment and atmosphere allow me, who is a non-native English speaker, to be a volunteer, and gradually I became less afraid to interact with people. Although I only spent a short year in Manchester, the six months I spent volunteering at this beautiful house will be a treasured memory in my life. By Xueyi, former volunteer

More information

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How to volunteer with us

You can find out how to apply to volunteer by visiting to our Volunteering page.

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Elizabeth Gaskell, 1864