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Read more about the stories and people behind the objects and furnishings in our collection at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House.

Dressing to Impress – Elizabeth and Lace

Lace has historically been associated with dressing to impress as it was an expensive commodity. It was originally made by hand: point lace was made using needles while bobbin lace or pillow lace was, as the name suggests, made on a pillow...

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Heirlooms and Treasures

Elizabeth Gaskell’s House has been lucky enough to acquire part of a collection of lace which belonged to a relation of Elizabeth’s husband William. Accompanying this collection, which included the front panel of a beautifully embroidered waistcoat (unfortunately not acquired) , were...

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The Transformation Begins

Following on from our September bedroom update, we've made some very visible progress this month, and those visitors lucky enough to visit in the last week, will have seen this for themselves. The painting and wallpapering is now pretty much complete thanks...

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Daily Devotions for the Closet

On the 10 October 2016 a slim volume entitled Daily Devotions for the Closet by Rev. Samuel Merrivale inscribed to Elizabeth Gaskell as a gift from the Rev. William Turner of Newcastle was returned to its former home through the kind donation...

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The Story of a Unitarian Chair

In William Gaskell's study we have a comfortable Windsor chair with a brass plaque which reads: 'Originally in Manchester College, York. Occupied by William Gaskell, John Colston, P P Carpenter etc 1825-1856.' So what is the history of the College where William...

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