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Our blog post cover everything that happens at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House from the stories discovered about objects and furnishings, to family connections and past residents. You can read about the garden and the plants we grow as well as the volunteering experience we offer to our brilliant team. The majority of the posts are written by volunteers.


So why did you choose that plant?

It was early spring 2014 when the volunteer gardeners were able to get onto the space that is now the garden at Elizabeth Gaskell's House. In the years since then the space has been transformed. National Gardening Week starts on May 2nd,...

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More stories from a secondhand book sale

The selection of secondhand books we have at Elizabeth Gaskell's House regularly turns up treasures - not news to those of you who are regular visitors to our monthly secondhand book sales, or who browse when you are visiting. Idly moving along...

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Was Charles Dickens a Unitarian?

Looking at one or two Unitarian websites for an entirely different purpose, I came across a quiz of famous Unitarian faces. I was surprised to find there, not Elizabeth Gaskell's face, but that of Charles Dickens. Until now, I don't think I...

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Keeping Books Alive

Late in 2021, Elizabeth Gaskell’s House received a grant from the Pilgrim Trust as part of the Association of Independent Museums (AIM) Collections Remedial Conservation Grant Scheme. Such grants are specifically for small to medium sized museums to care for their collections...

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In Memory of Julia Gaskell-Some Questions Answered

After her sister’s sudden death in October 1908, only eight days after sending her love and sympathy to Charles Eliot Norton in Massachusetts, Meta writes: She was a ‘creature of delight’, so beautiful and sweet and outwardly,  and within extraorinarily good and...

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