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Work Placement from Wright Robinson

23rd July 2019
in blog, Volunteering

As a current student in Year 10, I successfully engaged myself on work experience at the Elizabeth Gaskell House from the 17/07/2019 till the 23/07/2019.Throughout this working session, I would say that I have enjoyed working at Elizabeth Gaskell House and helping the committee as a whole. I had done various tasks such as arranging the seminar hall for booked events, gave assistance at the front desk-sold tickets to visitors (which I enjoyed through interaction with them especially during the exhibition, ‘Dear Mr Ruskin’).I also helped around in the tea room occasionally which allowed to me to indulge myself better in home management.


I am glad that I had chosen to work at Elizabeth Gaskell House, because working here has improved my communication and greeting skills, as well as my punctuality and efficiency. These skills that I have learnt here will help me in the future circumstances.

Personally, during my work experience session, I think that Elizabeth Gaskell House is a beautiful historical home that should be visited and adorned by the world. The staff and volunteers are beyond welcoming and they project a warm atmosphere. They are also very explanatory to things I didn’t know how to previously do and I am thankful that I have learnt new things.

In conclusion, Elizabeth Gaskell House is a wonderful place to see and also work in, so I suggest that people should engage themselves as volunteers here.


Janelle Irefu

Wright Robinson College


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