Pergola covered in white roses at Elizabeth Gaskell's House


Our Glorious Pergola is Repaired

4th July 2022
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With support from the Manchester Airport Community Trust Fund we have been able to carry out urgent repairs to our beautiful pergola in time for the summer.

Since 2020 the traditional rustic timber poles from which the pergola is constructed have rotted and had to be removed in several areas in order to make the area safe. During the spring and summer, the structure is usually covered with highly scented roses and clematis (heritage varieties chosen for their links to the writer, her family and their visitors to the house). As many will know it is much admired and used by local people, visitors and wedding groups and is a welcome shaded spot during hot spells.

We are delighted that the Pergola has now been repaired and can continue to be an integral part visitor experience. Excitingly it will also be part of our new family garden trail, Every Plant that Peeps Up is a Treasure, which will be running from 20 July.

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