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Work Experience at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House

20th July 2018
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In talking about my week at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, I feel it necessary to first explain why I chose to spend my week here, what drew me to the house.

I am an A-level student studying English Literature, History and French and I thought it best, for both university and later life, to use this week given by my school, to do something that both complimented and enhanced my studies. Where better then, than the home of a historical and literary icon, pity she wasn’t French.

During the week, I spent most of my time completing tasks that employees and volunteers needed doing, but didn’t have the time for. For example, I finished organising and cataloguing the volunteer library, a tremendous array of books that the volunteers can now, hopefully, use more easily and frequently. I have also researched and gathered information on local literary festivals, which I hope will help volunteers to attend and, potentially, use to increase awareness of the house.

On Wednesday and Thursday, during open house, I spent time in the period rooms and on the front desk, shadowing and getting to know a handful of the wonderful volunteers. I enjoyed this immensely and feel I know a lot more for it.

Overall, from my week at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, I believe I have gained valuable experience about the world of work, I have also learnt a lot about Elizabeth Gaskell and the world of her day and have had a great time whilst doing it. For that, I would like to thank everyone at the House and I wish you all the best of luck for the future.


Work Experience Placement from the 16-20 July 2018


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