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Mia’s Work Experience Placement

24th August 2018
in blog, Volunteering

I am a first-year, university history student who decided to apply for work experience at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House. Replies to my emails were quick and friendly, making me feel wanted and welcome before even stepping through the door. My family had previously visited the house and reported back on how wonderful the objects were and how detailed the information given by volunteers was (but my mother especially liked the Tea Room!).

Over the course of my work experience week I helped compile object lists for each room, taking new photos and researching if there were any gaps in information. Not only did this feel like a worthwhile task (rather than being locked away with nothing to do as can sometimes happen during work experience) but it meant that I learnt about the house and the items of Elizabeth. The other volunteers were helpful if I was stuck identifying an item and it was nice to walk around the house and interact with the visitors there.

I also enjoyed doing the Servants School on Wednesday. It was a joy to see the children get so involved and receive their certificates and I was also impressed by the acting of our time-travelling Victorian servant teachers. I would recommend visiting Elizabeth Gaskell’s House due to the welcoming atmosphere created by the staff, the amount of items to see/ learn about and the amount of events and classes that you can get involved in! There’s always something going on.

Mia Edwards
Work Experience 20-24 August 2018

If you are interested in doing a work experience placement at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House or would like to volunteer contact

A Large Cheerful, airy house, quite out of Manchester smoke.

Charlotte Brontë on visiting the House, 1851