You have Chosen! A History of Lancashire in 70 Objects.

2nd February 2017
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You have chosen!

We are delighted that The House, 84 Plymouth Grove, was our voting public’s object of choice to nominate for a history of Lancashire in 70 Objects.

Amongst our staff, volunteers and trustees the inclusion of the House, as an object, did lead to some interesting and lively debate as to how we interpret the word ‘object’. We do feel however that the House, in its entirety, is a brilliantly appropriate object to nominate. Instead of me telling you why though I will let these quotes from participants do so!

‘A beautiful house with a lovely atmosphere’

‘The house oozes with the spirit of Elizabeth Gaskell. You can feel the happy spirit in which all the other (wonderful) objects take their rightful place.’

‘I have chosen the house because its monumental infamy is greater and wider in its pertinence to Lancashire history. The other items are period specific. This is providing that the house is always referred to as Gaskell’s house for which it is most famous. This monument, if nominated would act like an umbrella under which all of the other items maintained. Without the house, the collection above would not contribute significantly to any sense of place, and could be more at risk of becoming disparate.’

‘This house was home to so much – not only Elizabeth and her illustrious visitors, but also William, who made his own significant contribution as scholar and social reform campaigner. The house stands as a monument to the kinder, more progressive and enlightened face of Victorian Manchester.’

‘The warmth of the good lady is still there.’

Whilst the House was a clear winner, as the pie chart illustrates, the other objects certainly had their admirers. The passport evoked a strong sense of Elizabeth as an independent woman, the sewing boxes it was felt had a real strong Lancashire connection due to the textile industry, and her wedding veil attracted the romantics among you!

Thank you so much for your participation in this. It has been really enjoyable hearing your thoughts on these objects. We have submitted our object to the project team and will look forward to finding out whether or not we make the final 70 later this year.

Fingers crossed!


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Elizabeth Gaskell 1863