21st November 2017
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As part of our Lancashire Day celebrations around 27 November we are running a prize draw in conjunction with The History of Lancashire in 70 Objects project.

Visitors to the house from Wednesday 22 November until 29 November can enter a prize draw by guessing the meaning of some old Lancashire words including ‘Welly’, ‘Addle-yedded’ and ‘Pop’.

Elizabeth’s husband, William, had a fascination with language and was an expert on the Lancashire dialect. Extracts from his lectures on dialect were published in The Examiner, and the 1854 edition of Elizabeth Gaskell’s first novel, Mary Barton, was accompanied by his notes on dialect. Visitors to Elizabeth Gaskell’s House can also listen to old Lancashire songs and dialect in William’s study.

Pick up a question sheet from the front desk or tea room at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House , fill in your answers and hand it back in to a member of staff. The closing date is 29 November and you could win a 70 Objects branded mug and badge.

84 Plymouth Grove, the house itself, was chosen as one of the 70 Objects and you can read more about this on a previous news blog – You have Chosen! A History of Lancashire in 70 Objects.

Thank you to Dr Simon Rennie , Lecturer in Victorian Poetry at the University of Exeter, for his assistance with this quiz.

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Elizabeth Gaskell 1863