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Listen to The Old Nurse’s Story

14th May 2020
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Listen to a dramatized reading recorded live from the Drawing Room at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House on Sunday 2 February 2020.

Organised, read and performed by Elizabeth Gaskell’s House volunteers:

Scripted and directed by Diane Duffy
Diana Ashcroft – Miss Grace Furnival
Chris Bamber – James and the Shepherd
Jane Baxter – Miss Maud Furnival
Anthony Burton – Gentleman and Lord Furnival
Louanne Collins – Mrs Stark
Diane Duffy – Old Nurse narrator
Lizzie Gent – Hesther
Jennifer Marin – Dorothy
Rana Roffifah – Rosamund

Sound effects and music:
Lesley Burn – cries, wails and screams! And stage management
Diane Bamber – sound effects
Robert Nicholls – piano and organ music

There will be another performance on Halloween, Saturday 31 October at 7.30pm.

A Large Cheerful, airy house, quite out of Manchester smoke.

Charlotte Brontë on visiting the House, 1851