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Plymouth Grove Writing Group – by Rebecca

23rd February 2015
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I can’t think of a more inspiring place to sit with my pen and notepad than in the home of Elizabeth Gaskell, one of England’s finest writers.

The creative writing group meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at 2pm on the first floor of the house.  It is an open group which means that anybody, who is visiting, is welcome to join in the session. Philip, who facilitates the group, is a retired teacher. His passion for English Literature especially from the Victorian era transfers such an energy and enthusiasm to the group that our fingers are reaching for our pens before we are fully briefed on our writing task!

The task in January was to settle ourselves in a part of the house, which held particular significance for us. Philip had armed us with a few ideas on how to get started.  It was then up to each of us to discover our own voice within. We could write in whatever style and genre we felt most comfortable. For my piece, I chose to sit at Elizabeth’s writing table in the dining room.

Sharing our work with each other, when we reassembled over a cup of tea, felt like a coming together of kindred spirits.


This then is your view

at this table in your home

your hand would create

rushing, darting across the page

the layering and layering

of souls

Tales of darkness and grief

poverty and mastery

of love unrequited

Across the divide

our worlds are as one

at this table in your home

Rebecca (House volunteer)







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