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The Space Between – A prose poem by Mary Gavin

26th July 2015
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The Space Between

I feel such warmth, such connection with the present and the past, whilst writing in this house that once belonged to the Gaskells and was open to all, as it is today in the now. I feel my pen move across blank paper and create words and leave spaces, like a meditation of sorts for me. Finally, I read what has been written and sometimes share, or in the space listen to my new friends.

The space between the prompt, which Philip shares, and the sensitive sharing (or choosing not to) at the end, has become a peaceful and precious space, equivalent to past times immersed in nature; equivalent to dreaming.

It has been a golden, light – filled time, as the light is that streams through the golden stained glass in the entrance hall and onto the glistening stone floor below: a ray of golden light, connecting past with present … in the space between.

By Mary Gavin (Plymouth Grove Writing Group member)

A Large Cheerful, airy house, quite out of Manchester smoke.

Charlotte Brontë on visiting the House, 1851