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Social Media Read-along North And South

18th March 2020
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In an effort to stay positive and to encourage virtual social interaction we are going to coordinate a social media read-along of Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel, North and South, via our Twitter and Facebook social media platforms.

Since our beloved literary house is closed for the foreseeable future we were looking for ways to stay in touch with our volunteers, visitors and supporters and to try and replicate the welcoming and chatty atmosphere we all enjoy in the House. And so what better way than take part in an en-masse read-along of one of Elizabeth’s most best loved novels.

We also hope to introduce Elizabeth Gaskell to new readers along the way and remind existing fans why they enjoyed it (or not). So where do we start…

  1. Get a copy of North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell Borrow from your local library, beg a copy (from friends & family) or buy a copy from an independent book shop.
    And if all else fails download it on your kindle!
  2. Start reading
  3. Join us on Twitter or Facebook on the following days (although we will chat in between) and chat using the hashtag #northandsouth
  4. Chapters 1-17 for 25 & 26 March
  5. Chapters 18-34 – for 1 & 2 April
  6. Chapters 35-52 – for 8 & 9 April
  7. Then we all watch the BBC mini series to celebrate!

We want to encourage as much discussion and friendly debate on our Twitter and Facebook pages as we can. Please use #northandsouth – to help us all keep track and to stay connected.

One final ask – Elizabeth Gaskell’s House is run by an independent trust and relies heavily on income from admission, private tours and room hire – most of which will now cease due to the current situation. If you can give a small donation of £3 towards our Bedroom restoration project we would really appreciate it. Donate Here.

Thank you!

Happy Reading and Stay Safe

Mr Thornton is coming to tea

North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell