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Work Experience at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House

9th July 2018
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One of my tasks was scanning photographs of the restoration work and I was shocked to see the former state of the building. (the image below shows the study before the renovation)

I also helped to format and produce the long-awaited book plates which Jane and I then put in the relevant books.   The books for the study were carefully chosen by trustees and the book plates have been created to explain why certain books were chosen.   It is really interesting to see how Elizabeth’s work was informed by what she read, so I would definitely recommend looking at the book plates when you next visit.

My favourite days were Wednesday and Thursday, when I was able to see how the house operates on visiting days.  I thoroughly enjoyed shadowing the volunteers and soaking up their knowledge about the house.  There seems to be a real sense of community amongst the volunteers here and I would highly recommend getting involved.

Throughout the week I have also been cataloguing the Volunteer Library and preparing for the upcoming summer craft activities.  I found cataloguing the books fascinating because some of the books contained newspaper clippings and notes which provided me with an insight of a snapshot of the past.

by Lucy Leaver

Work experience placement 02/07/18-06/07/18

If you interested in doing a Work experience placement at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House please email the House Manager on 

New cooks always want their own peculiar little odds & ends for cookery

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